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Benefits of transferring to a college with a TAG agreement

Starting your education at a community college can help save on costs, but the transfer process can be tricky. Learn how a TAG agreement can help.

The Transfer Admission Guarantee, otherwise known as a TAG agreement, is a program that gives students from community colleges a fail-safe admission into several colleges and universities upon meeting a certain set of standards.

The transfer experience

Many community college students may consider transferring to universities for various reasons, including:

  • More name recognition, leading to more career opportunities for graduates
  • Access to a vast amount of resources that make learning easier and that may provide more experience within various courses of study
  • A more diverse network of people with whom you can connect for future opportunities
  • A more competitive environment, meaning a more challenging environment for personal growth and development
  • More access to scholarships, study abroad options, and tutoring than at community colleges

However, traditional colleges and universities can be way more expensive than community colleges. To save on tuition costs, students will often start their higher education at community colleges, then apply to finish their degree at a traditional college or university.

During this process, students can earn general education credits at their community college and use these to fill requirements at their transfer university.

One way students may transfer to a college from a community college is through a Transfer Admission Guarantee, or TAG.

What is the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreement?

A Transfer Admission Guarantee, or TAG agreement, is a program that offers community college students automatic admission into certain universities and colleges.

To qualify for this program, students must meet certain academic and extracurricular requirements as set by the schools. When these requirements are met, students could be guaranteed admissions one year before the date of their intended transfer into their choice of college or university.

What are the requirements necessary to qualify for a Transfer Admission Guarantee?

Though they differ from university to university, there are some constant Transfer Admission Guarantee requirements for every participating school. They include:

  • Completion of a certain amount of the university’s transferrable units by the end of the term before admission
  • A specific Grade Point Average (GPA) as required by the university by the end of the term before admission and maintenance of that GPA for subsequent terms
  • Completion of one or two of the university’s transferrable core courses by the end of the term before admission
  • Be in good standing according to the university’s standards

What are the benefits of a TAG agreement?

Some of the benefits of transferring from a community college to a university with a Transfer Admission Guarantee agreement include:

  • Receiving an early review of your academic records
  • Receiving early notification of admission to your chosen university or college
  • Saving money through community colleges’ tuition rates, while still being guaranteed a spot at a four-year college or university

Learn more about the community colleges with which Pacific Oaks College has a TAG agreement and read our guide for transfer students here.

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