Human Dev and Ed

Career crossover: how human development and education work together

Are you interested in human development and also have an interest in education? Learn more about how the two fields work together.

Human development is a dense field with numerous career offerings across multiple landscapes. It intersects with several different disciplines in pursuit of work that assists people in living their best and healthiest lives. If you’re interested in human development but are finding yourself stuck on education, don’t worry! This field has plenty to offer you and might even be the right fit to blend your interests.

What is human development?

Broadly, human development is the exploration of the factors that play a role in influencing how a person becomes who he or she is. With this in mind, the goal is to study these factors through sociology, psychology, biology, religion, genealogy, and more.

Human development and education

Human development focuses on assisting students so they can have a better educational experience. Being able to have a rich and safe education is a human right. Some landscapes make attaining this difficult for students, and so, human development specialists become a resource for students to achieve their goals and learn skills to surmount factors that may stand in the way of their education.

Human development jobs

Some education career paths in human development include:

Choosing the right fit

With a focus on education, you’ll be able to study human development in just about any age group. If you’re hoping to work with younger people during the more formative years, elementary or early childhood education might be the best fit for you. During this time, students are developing their social and cognitive skills. You’ll likely be working directly with students in more traditional educational or teaching settings.

If your focus in education is with adult learners, working as a professor or instructor post-graduation might be the best fit. Instead of utilizing your skillset directly with learners, your focus is to foster the learning of future human development specialists.

Regardless of which avenue you pursue, you’ll want to make sure you complete the proper education in order to fully operate in your field. Different programs, schools, and universities require different levels of education. Depending on where you hope to work, a master’s degree may suffice, whereas a doctorate may be necessary to become a professor. Licensure may be necessary for different professional careers concerning education and human development.

Why this pairing works

Human development is inherently linked with education. It requires the ongoing learning of several disciplines as they pertain to each person and their individual case. If you’re a lifelong learner, this field offers a wonderful arena to continue your research and study regardless of what field you decide to pursue.

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