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How marriage and family therapists can help during COVID-19

Marriage and family therapists can be a wonderful support system for your family—especially during challenging economic and social times.

Coronavirus has taken a toll on the mind and body of many across the world. Regardless of how the current pandemic has touched your life, facing each day can be challenging and put pressure on your relationships as you lean on your loved ones for support.

Marriage and family therapists are a wonderful resource to help you through this challenging moment in history.

What is a marriage and family therapist?

Marriage and family therapy (MFT) is a field of psychotherapy aimed at treating individuals, couples, and families within a relational context. In other words, therapists in this field focus on the family unit and the dynamics among parties within this unit.

Family units can vary. They might include spouses and partners or intergenerational family members. Regardless, the work of a marriage and family therapist is to assess problems or challenges and support your family in whatever way you need.

How can an marriage and family therapist help your family?

Your family unit is comprised of unique and complex relationships. For this reason, therapists work in different landscapes and specialize in various areas of each family member’s life to help them tackle their challenges while also taking their family structure into account. In traditional times that aren’t mitigated with social distancing or stay-at-home orders, MFTs work for family service agencies, schools, social service organizations, and more.

Given how the pandemic has affected nearly every part of our lives, working with a therapist can help guide your family with professionally tailored solutions.

Marriage and family therapists can help you navigate:

School — With the widespread closures of schools across the United States, many students’ educations are being disrupted. Students are learning at home for the first time and may need more help coping with this change, managing their time, and figuring out how to take breaks.

The duration of this change in schedule is unknown and variant by location. Your child may be having a hard time or feel confused about why they haven’t seen their friends. Working with a therapist can help you best tend to your child’s needs and help you better understand and help with whatever is confusing, challenging, or upsetting them.

Partner and family relationships — It’s possible you and your partner are facing new challenges like setting boundaries for work or struggling to feel connected. In this unprecedented time, it’s not unlikely that you’re learning new things about your partner’s coping mechanisms and habits.

Integrating an MFT into your life can help you better make sense of these changes and help you and your partner grow closer together. Every couple is different, so simply searching for a solution might not actually fit your needs. Consider working with a professional to tend directly to your queries and create answers that help you in the short, middle, and long term.

Emotional life — Generally, more people are experiencing stress and anxiety. With so much of this virus necessitating isolation, it can be easy to feel like you can’t reach out to others for help and can be difficult to know how best to support your loved ones.

MFT can help with this. Simply making time with a specialist can help you create solutions with your partner or family unit.

While seeking therapy can be a great tool if you’re struggling with your mental health, you don’t need to feel unwell to seek therapy. Utilizing a therapist can be a great temperature check with yourself and your family.

Even outside of a pandemic, it can be difficult to speak about how you feel or have conversations with those closest to you. Utilizing MFT can help bridge this gap and give you long-term tools to maintain healthy communication and coping skills. Moreover, taking care of loved ones isn’t just about tending to their physical wellness but their mental well-being and yours too.

Marriage and family therapy programs

All our MFT programs prepare you to sit for the LMFT exams—and they help you establish a strong foundation for a fulfilling and successful Marriage and Family Therapy career.

Learn more about our Marriage and Family Therpay programs, including our African American Family Studies, Latinx Family Studies, LGBTQIA+ Studies, and Trauma Studies specializations.


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