CARE Learning Center

If you a PO student looking to make an appointment, please click here to visit the CARE Learning Center’s page on the community site.

The CARE Learning Center supports students of all modalities, degree levels, and disciplines in developing their academic skills. It is a place free from judgment where the processes of critical inquiry and incremental improvement are valued above all else.

Students are encouraged to visit the CARE Learning Center for academic skills support, which include developing one’s writing, expanding one’s critical reading skills, and improving one’s study habits. Services include one-one-one tutoring, workshops, and writing support groups. When working with students on their writing, the staff does not offer editing or proofreading services. However, the CARE Learning Center is happy to assist students in honing the skills that will allow them to polish and copyedit independently. Students are welcome whether their assignments are due tomorrow, next week, or at the end of the semester.

Pasadena Campus: Building 45, A105

Contact Us
Office phone: (626) 529-8264
Email: [email protected]

Services and Resources

The CARE Learning Center offers a variety of resources and services to current Pacific Oaks College students in all modalities. For more information or to access the services and resources, please visit the CARE Learning Center page on the community site.

One-on-one Tutoring Appointments

Students can meet with a tutor for a 45-minute, one-on-one tutoring appointment. Students have the option to meet with a tutor online or in person at the Pasadena campus. For more information about tutoring appointments and policies, visit the CARE Learning Center page on the community site.

Online and In-person Workshops

The CARE Learning Center offers workshops throughout the semester covering various topics such as academic writing, APA writing, reading, and other academic skills. Workshops are posted on the community calendar and communicated to students through their Pacific Oaks College email and the student newsletter.

Some of the past workshops that the CARE Learning Center has offered are:

  • Basics at P.O.
  • Critical Reading Strategies
  • Types of Writing Assignments at P.O.
  • The Writing Process
  • Writer’s Block
  • Literature Reviews
  • Introductions and Theses
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusions
  • Learning Preferences

Writing Support Groups

The CARE Learning Center offers weekly writing support groups to connect with students and discuss writing tips and strategies. This space is a low-stakes environment where students are encouraged to share their experiences with writing and can serve as a way to connect with other students.

Academic Resources

There are various resources available to students such as handouts, videos, links, and past workshops. These resources cover academic study skills and academic writing. Check out the CARE Learning Center page on the community site for more information.


For additional tutoring assistance there is an online service that is available to all students. Students can get this service by clicking on any of their courses on Canvas and then clicking on the “Smarthinking Online Tutoring” link. Smarthinking offers math, business, and writing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Master’s Thesis Support

The CARE Learning Center supports thesis students in various ways. Workshops are offered throughout the semester and students are encouraged to attend writing support groups as well as make one-on-one tutoring appointments. For more information on how the CARE Learning Center supports thesis students, please visit their page on the community site.

Mission and Vision

The CARE Learning Center seeks to uphold Pacific Oaks College’s core values of respect, diversity, social justice, and inclusion by collaborating with students to become better learners, writers, and communicators.

Our mission is to help students adapt to the academic learning environment. We aim to engage students in their learning process, to improve their self-efficacy for writing, and to help them become more effective communicators. We provide the resources and services to gain the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to write and communicate effectively. We believe that mastering writing is a life-long process and will enrich students’ academic, professional, and personal lives.