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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership & Management

 Available Online
Location: Pasadena, Online

Pacific Oaks is excited to announce our new Leadership Scholarship for M.A. Organizational Leadership & Management students who are accepted to attend our Pasadena or San Jose campuses. Visit our Scholarship page to learn more.

In the M.A. Organizational Leadership and Management program, students develop the skills needed to become leaders and managers dedicated to aligning organizational needs with the public good.

36 credits required for completion
20 months part-time or
14 months full-time
2 available locations & online

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M.A. Organizational Leadership & Management

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership & Management program at Pacific Oaks is based upon the theory that leadership requires skill and self-knowledge to be authentic, and that authentic leadership is essential to creating organizations with sustainable value.

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Management program is a flexible program designed to meet the needs of busy students who may be unable to stop their lives to pursue an education. Each student will also have the chance to deepen their understanding of a field that she/he is passionate about by applying their previous work experience into an Applied Research Project.

This master’s program offers working professionals an opportunity to advance their careers or to embark on a new career path. Developing foundational management and leadership competencies, graduates of the M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Management program will be well-equipped for leadership positions in a variety of areas, including nonprofit, for-profit, consultation, education, or local government.

Click here to view an Organizational Leadership and Management Virtual Information Session Video

During this recording of an information session, you’ll see how an M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Management from Pacific Oaks College will help propel your career and provide you with real-world experience. During your degree you’ll develop a portfolio of work, which can be used to demonstrate to current and future employers your ability to make a difference in the culture and productivity of organizations.  During this event with Dr. Carol Rinkoff, Affiliate Faculty, you will hear examples of projects students have completed and hear answers to student questions from the faculty who instruct students in this degree program.

Sample Courses


Leadership and Organizational Behavior

This course focuses on leadership from the inside-out, the power of habits, and using questions to affect or change an organization’s behavior. To be a successful authentic leader, one must understand oneself as an individual or leader, but to also understand one’s behaviors and habits, thus enabling an individual to understand the organization’s behaviors and habits. This course will take the learner on an inward journey to bring about outward success as a leader making organizational behavior changes.

Business Principles for Leaders

This course provides a practical overview of accounting, finance, and economics within organizations operations.  It provides an introductory level of understanding to relevant terminology, concepts and applicable principles for leaders’ oversight and responsibilities for leading today’s organizations.

Marketing Strategies and Competitive Intelligence

This course examines the basic principles and applications of marketing practices. Students will examine present-day marketing systems and will explore major theories and research findings in the area of consumer behavior. Students will analyze consumer needs and wants to provide customer satisfaction and to maintain positive customer relationships. This course examines the basic concepts and principles in consumer behavior with the goal of understanding how these ideas can drive marketing decision-making.

Admissions Requirements

  • Demonstrated commitment to the mission and values of Pacific Oaks College
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited institution
  • Completed application for admission
  • Application fee
  • Resume
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Personal statement

The program gave me the opportunity to immediately apply the lessons I was learning to the work I was doing. It seemed that every class had important information that directly impacted the decisions I needed to make, in real time. I have adapted much of what I learned into my day-to-day operations and together, they have radically changed the way I problem solve and lead my organization.

Suzanne Farley, Executive Director, Wellspring (alumna 2018)
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