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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development

The online B.A. Program in Human Development: Working With Adults Concentration program will focus on understanding adults in various life stages with the curriculum rooted in adult-centered courses.

120 credits required for completion
Eligible for Credit for Learning from Experience Credits

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Online B.A. Human Development: Working with Adults Concentration

Students in this online B.A. Human Development program will work with diversity in varied adult environments and understand the importance of social and cultural context to an adults’ existential experience. Time will be spent exploring diversity in adult environments, and understanding the importance of social and cultural context to an adults’ existential experience across the lifespan.

This online bachelor’s program is ideal for adults who have the desire to enroll in this program, but need the flexibility of online coursework.

Other B.A. Human Development Concentrations

Sample Courses

Life-Span Learning and Education

This class examines traditions that underlie a developmental, experiential, open-structured approach to education and learning across the life span. Content includes exploration of one’s own values and the values reflected in educational programs and practices; the role of education as a tool of oppression and liberation for different groups in society; and personal and political strategies for educational change. Issues and trends are considered from a life-span development, cross-cultural perspective. All ages of learners will also be explored.

Working with Adults

Students are introduced to a rationale and methodology for working with adults in Educational, professional and other settings. Topics covered will include adult development, supervising adults, staff evaluation, leadership style, effective communication, and problem solving. Emphasis is on valuing diversity and respecting individuals; active, experiential learning; the interaction between theory and practice; and the impact of social contexts on oneself and others. Students will use observation to enhance their understanding of the challenges inherent in working with adults. They will develop strategies to facilitate adult empowerment and learn to advocate responsibly in diverse settings.

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