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Nahid Fattahi



Nahid Fattahi

Adjunct Faculty (POC)

  • Campus:
  • San Jose
Academic Affairs
Pacific Oaks College

With a teaching career since 2019, Nahid Fattahi is a LMFT, writer, yoga teacher, and human rights activist dedicated to fostering diversity and cultural sensitivity. She brings extensive experience to Pacific Oaks College while maintaining a private practice focused on adult and family therapy.

In addition to her clinical work, Nahid Fattahi is a certified yoga instructor, incorporating mindfulness and holistic well-being principles into her teaching. She has also shared her insights on human rights, mental health and well-being through contributions to publications like Psychology Today, The Daily Beast, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Outside of her professional roles, Nahid Fattahi is actively involved in human rights advocacy, seeking to advance social justice and equality. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and empathy enhances the educational environment at Pacific Oaks College. Join Nahid Fattahi in their mission to inspire students, promote positive change, and contribute to the cause of human rights through education and cultural awareness.

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