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Center for Achievement, Resources, and Enrichment

The Center for Achievement, Resources, and Enrichment (CARE), in collaboration with members of the Pacific Oaks College community, is committed to providing a holistic, personalized approach to student success.

Career Support

We help students develop and enhance professional skills to prepare for future employment or promotion opportunities.

Learning Assistance

We provide tutorial assistance and help students enhance their critical thinking, professional, and learning skills.

Student Support

We help motivate, inspire, and enhance the students’ overall educational experience at Pacific Oaks College. Our goal is to encourage students to believe in themselves and in their ability to reach their academic goals.

Contact CARE

While our office is located at Pacific Oaks’ Pasadena campus, you may also contact us via phone or email.

Career Services

We provide carreer advisment,  assistance in writing a resume, job search tools, and other job resources for students.

Disability Support Services

Pacific Oaks is dedicated to providing a positive environment for disabled students. Here are resources and other information that will help you along in your journey.

Health Insurance

Students at Pacific Oaks are encouraged, and in some cases required, to have health insurance. Here, you can access health insurance information as well as supplementary resources.

International Student Support

We cherish the experiences that our international students bring into the classroom. Learn more about how to become a student at Pacific Oaks.

Substance Abuse Resources

Overcoming substance abuse is a challenge. If you need help, we provide extensive resources for students to help them face this challenge.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association officially represents the student body. Become involved and make your voices heard.

The Learning Center

We provide tips for academic writing, critical writing, research, and checklists for revising papers.

ComPsych Student Assistance Program

ComPsych Assistance Program provides resources, support and information for personal and work-life issues—offering confidential counseling, legal support and resources, financial information, and online guidance resources.

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